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[09/06/2017] CAMPOBASSO June 9-10, 2017 - 
Postural instability, movement and wellness in elderly people: from assessment to rehabilitation
D. Riva (9/06): Intrinsic causes of falling risk: proprioceptive regression and visual dependence. Age and gender differences.
D. Riva (10/06): Preventing falls: sustainable strategies. High-frequency proprioceptive reprogramming. Early predicti ...

[27/05/2017] TORINO - TURIN HOLIDAY INN - 
IN-DEPTH SEMINAR May 27-28, 2017
It introduces the concept of Proprioceptive analysis according to the principles of the Riva Method and presents the new operational capabilities made possible by the integration of software version 6.5 and Delos Video Recorder application. ...
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[18/03/2017] TORINO - TURIN HOLIDAY INN - 
5th course Riva Method Certified Expert ADVANCED level 2017, March 18-19
3nd level course
It is a 3rd level course, which deepens the knowledge for the operational use of the methodology with simulated handling of real cases (from pathological situations to the management of athletes). ...
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[04/03/2017] SAN DONA' DI PIAVE (VE)
The proprioceptive postural reprogramming:
the RIVA METHOD in rehabilitation and training. D. Riva, A. Nebbiai, F. De Lazzari
2017 updated course edition. It provides the neurophysiological and biomechanical principles of the Riva method and introduces their application with Delos system. ...
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[19/11/2016] TORINO - TURIN HOLIDAY INN - 
11th course RIVA METHOD Certified Experts INTERMEDIATE level 2016, November 19-20
2nd level course
It gives the practical knowledge for the operative use of the Delos program and the methodology: from the execution and reporting of the tests to the construction of the working sessions. ...
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