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The bipedal walk has influenced man's evolutionary run, assigning extraordinarily complex tasks to the system of equilibrium and movement control, fundamental for the survival of the species and for the quality of life. From Sherrington’s research in 1906 to present knowledge, made possible by the development of new technologies for the evaluation and the analysis of the mechanisms involved, it is evident that the study of proprioception influences every human activity. Acting on the proprioceptive system allows a decisive functional recovery of motor regression induced not only by pathologies and structural damage, but also by sedentariness and hyperperformance, styles of life proper to our social and cultural model.
The International Society of Proprioception and Posture aims to promote and encourage studies and research on proprioception, on posture and on the systems of equilibrium and movement control in conditions of terrestrial gravity, hypogravity (underwater and lunar environments) and absence of gravity and on the relative clinical applications. In fact the potential positive consequences on health and on the quality of life deriving from studies realized in these "special" environments are more and more evident, because they represent an accelerated model of what happens on the earth.
Physicians, clinical engineers, physiotherapists, athletic trainers, sport technicians and university students of related degrees can join the International Society of Proprioception and Posture.

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