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[1/14/2014]  Corriere di

[12/8/2013]  Sci - Coppa del Mondo

[10/25/2013]  Atletica Leggera - ALESSIA TROST

Alessia Trost and proprioceptive control

Alessia Trost is high jump junior world champion in 2012 with 1.91 m. In 2013 she is gold medal at the U23 European Championship with 1.98 m and Italian champion with 1.90 m. She demonstrated her talent very early, jumping 1.55 m at the age of 11. From October 2013 Alessia Trost is using the Riva Method with Delos technology for proprioceptive training at high frequency and high density.

[7/28/2013]  Journal of Aging Research

Single Stance Stability and Proprioceptive Control in Older Adults Living at Home: Gender and Age Differences.

D. Riva, C. Mamo, M. Fanì, P. Saccavino, F. Rocca, M. Momenté, M. Fratta
In developed countries, falls in older people represent a rising problem. As effective prevention should start before the risk becomes evident, an early predictor is needed. Single stance instability would appear as a major risk factor. Aims of the study were to describe single stance stability, its sensory components, and their correlation with age and gender.


Cantù reaches the semifinal Play off 2012-13

Basket Cantù wins in Sassari 97-95 and reaches the semifinals against Roma in play off 2012-13. From season 2006-2007 Basket Cantù is using the Riva Method with Delos technology to train and refine single stance proprioceptive control. The increase of using Delos technology, season after season, in quantity, density and quality has reduced by 75% the sprain injuries of the lower limb and still more significant has been the reduction of the injury rate which decreased from 7,5 x 1000 events (training sessions + matches) to an extraordinary 1,5 (-80%).


Roberto Nani in national A team of alpine skiing

At the end of a meeting conducted by President Flavio Roda, in the presence of the technical managers of Alpine skiing, the Vice-Presidents and representatives of military groups the athletes, men and women, of the Alpine Skiing teams for 2013-2014 were branched.The athlete of Livigno Roberto Nani makes a jump in class and from the B team, in the last season, passing for to Team A 2013/2014.

[2/26/2013]  Radiosei

Stefano D'Eustacchio, speaking on Radiosei (Six Times Good morning). "We made ​​a proprioceptive assessment and reprogramming." "High frequency proprioception makes it possible to express the power of an athlete. To assess proprioceptive control D’Eustacchio uses the Delos method, invented by Dr Riva, since 1997 number one in the analysis of proprioception and static and dynamic postural control.

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[2/5/2013]  La Gazzetta dello Sport

Goggia, great debut. The podium is only a few feet

Five cents from bronze (one meter and 14 centimeters), at the World Cup as a rookie, the first time among top skiers in a downhill race (in her career only 4 World Cup giants, never qualified for the second run). With her right knee operated three times, the last time for tibial plateau fracture last spring.

[9/22/2012]  La Gazzetta dello Sport

Cantu beats Siena 80-73 and won the Italian Super Cup. The event assumes a special value if we remember that the Mens Sana had won the last 13 trophies in Italy (5 league titles, 4 cups and 4 Italian Super Cups) remaining unbeaten for 1689 days. Cantu can again partying, nine years after the last success (SuperCup 2003).

[6/14/2012]  La Gazzetta dello Sport

It will take place on June 30 in Cucciago (Como) at the NGC Arena (Strada per Cantù 10) the important conference "Proprioception, performance, injuries in sports." Dario Riva is its president. Six sessions scheduled throughout the day to work from 9 am. For registration tel. 0117724887 or e-mail to [email protected]

[6/3/2012]  Corriere della Sera

Scientific Conference in Cantù

On June 30, the NGC Arena Cucciago (Cantu) will host the scientific conference "Proprioception, performance and injuries in sports", chaired by Professor Dario Riva di Torino. The proprioceptive training (stimulation of the neuromotor system) protects the athlete from injury and prolongs their career: the responses from the field on its validity and priority.

[3/6/2011]  La gazzetta delllo sport

Di Martino European gold

[2/14/2011]  Tuttosport

Cantù, una sconfitta che vale una vittoria

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Andrea Morassi - Ski jump Italian record 208,5 m, Vikersund 2011

Open the video on Youtube.

[2/10/2011]  La gazzetta delllo sport

Di Martino Italian High Jump record at 2,04

Open the video on Youtube.

[6/1/2010]  Sport & Medicina

La Fisica della Jella

Parlando di infortuni nella pratica sportiva talvolta si ritiene che l’infortunio sia un rischio da correre, dal momento che alla macchina umana sono richiesti i massimi livelli prestazionali e quello che conta è il risultato. Ma è proprio vero che gli atleti più esposti al rischio d’infortunio non possono essere individuati? Esistono delle casistiche d’infortunio non rapportabili alla malasorte?

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[4/28/2010]  La Provincia di Como


CANTU' - "Incidenti" ai giocatori calati del 75% da quando il preparatore Roberto Bianchi adotta il nuovo metodo (high frequency and high density proprioceptive training according to the Riva Method).

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[10/10/2009]  TELEBOARIO



D. Riva, F. Rossitto, L. Battocchio
The difficulty in applying active exercises during space flights increases the importance of passive countermeasures, but coupling load and instability remains indispensable for generating high frequency (HF) proprioceptive flows and preventing muscle atrophy and osteoporosis. The present study, in microgravity ...
For the full text article mail to: [email protected]
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[7/3/2009]  TELEBOARIO

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